Benefits of Underfloor Service Distribution

The benefits of underfloor service distribution, consisting of modular wiring/cabling and HVAC, is far-reaching from construction to long-term building use. The following is an overview of key advantages:

First Build Benefits Long-Term Benefits
• Reduce slab-to-slab height
• Reduce labor
• Reduce materials: cabling, wiring, ductwork, structural materials
• Streamline construction schedule
• Eliminate powered furniture
• Ease of floor plan reconfiguration
• Easily accomodate advance in technology
• 30% reduction in energy costs
• Tax advantages
• Reduce churn/tenant turnover expenses and downtime

High Performance Environment Long-Term Benefits
• Improved indoor air quality
• Personal temperature control
• Increased daylighting
• Quieter HVAC
• Data, voice, electrical on-demand
• Improved indoor air quality
• Increased daylighting
• Reduced energy consumption
• Reduced use of natural resources
• Reduced first-build and long-term waste
• LEED certified building practice